Egg Products

Through our membership of the INTEROVO EGG GROUP, we also sell egg products. Own laying farms, egg product factories and trading companies in …



Ginger from China is characterized by its sweet and spicy character and is therefore often used in the confectionery and delicatessen industry.


Nut products

We sell different nuts, but also nut-like varieties with a wide variety of origins and a wide variety of calibrations. Here …






is our top priority!

The topics of safety, quality control, reliability and specialist operation are very important to us.
Hamegg Nootbaar is officially registered and is also BRC and organic certified.
We are therefore subject to the applicable legal regulations and controls.

” There is no such thing as impossible!”

… is not just a saying at HAMEGG NOOTBAAR GmbH, but a tradition that has been lived since 1897.

Founded in Hamburg, HAMEGG NOOTBAAR GmbH sees itself as a link between producer and customer. Starting with raw materials, the company has also specialized in the egg products sector, not least through its integration into the Dutch group INTEROVO EGG GROUP. In addition to egg products, walnuts and ginger have always been part of the company’s regular range.

The company’s long-standing successful tradition is based on three principles:


With the move to the sister company INTEROVO GmbH in 2022, we also moved from Hamburg to Emmerich – or from the Elbe to the Rhine. As part of this move, the portfolio was expanded to include peanuts, sesame and hazelnuts, for example. Long-standing, global partners make this possible. The company therefore focuses entirely on the needs and wishes of its customers.

Living tradition since 1897!

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